P Atkins Fuel Injection Limited

Fuel Analysis

New Diesel Fuel Analysis Running vehicles on poor quality or contaminated fuel can lead to performance issues such as filter plugging, injector coking, piston ring sticking and breaking. Such problems need to be identified at the earliest possible opportunity in order to minimise the risk of longer term damage to the engine. Immediate and accurate analysis of the fuel is therefore critical.

P Atkins can now offer fuel analysis using this new Delphi product. Our technicians will be able to perform a first level diagnostic to check if the fuel meets the latest EN590 standard and identify potential contamination problems and reduce the risk of fuel related engine problems.

The new hand held unit allows us to quickly get immediate and accurate results without the need to send samples to a specialist laboratory for analysis, saving both time and money.

Should you wish to find out more about this new fuel analysis service please contact us here.